Bladeless LASIK vs. LASIK

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With traditional LASIK surgery, the instrument known as a microkeratome cuts a hinged, delicate flap into the eye's clear surface called the cornea. Once the flap is created, it is lifted for the purpose of applying laser energy which reshapes the eye for vision correction.

Another procedure which works to create the LASIK flap is that of using an IntraLaseTM (high-energy laser) to create the corneal flap. With the IntraLaseTM, rapid pulses of light form a layer of bubbles underneath the cornea's surface which create the flap. There are many benefits with both techniques. However, bladeless LASIK often is a more expensive procedure due to the sophisticated technology used.

Whether you are considering bladeless LASIK or traditional LASIK, our Oklahoma eye surgeon can provide you with valuable insights and information about both procedures. Please call Hummel Eye Associates at 405-546-3636 to learn more.

Benefits of Traditional LASIK

Bladeless LASIK can lead to more precision in the surgery and fewer corneal flap complications.  However, with a skilled LASIK surgeon, traditional LASIK is equally safe and accurate.

The main benefits of traditional LASIK are:

  • Can be performed more quickly than bladeless
  • Involves less suction on eye itself
  • Is best option for glaucoma patients
  • Less swelling
  • Less patient discomfort during the procedure
  • Clarity of vision occurs rapidly

There are risks associated with LASIK, just like any type of surgery. However, LASIK has an excellent safety record and most patients experience no problems at all when they undergo the procedure. Our Oklahoma LASIK surgeon can answer any questions you may have about either option.

If you are considering any type of LASIK surgery - bladeless or traditional - please contact Hummel Eye Associates today to schedule your initial consultation. Or, call 405-546-3636 to consult with our Oklahoma LASIK specialists.

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