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At Hummel Eye Associates in Oklahoma City, thousands of people have come to us with symptoms of  cataracts, wondering if their good vision can be improved and restored.   Doctor Chris Hummel has performed successful cataract surgery on these thousands of Oklahomans with wonderful outcomes, using only monofocal intraocular lenses. Recently, new technology has become available that can help many patients see their best without corrective lenses.   

Crystalens™ is an implantable ocular lens (IOL). It’s made from solid silicone Biosil, with an ingenious design featuring hinges. When it’s implanted in the space left by your clouded-up natural lens, it’s attached to the same little muscles (ciliary muscles) that were previously controlling the curvature of your natural lens. Now they can control the movement of your Crystalens.

In a normal eye, the ciliary muscles relax when you focus on something distant. This lets the lens be more convex, steeper in its curvature. To see close-up things, the ciliary muscles contract, pulling on the lens to make it flatter. This process is called accommodation, as the eye is accommodating itself to varying distances.

When the natural lens is removed and Crystalens implanted, the ciliary muscles can behave as they always have. But now when they relax, they allow the Crystalens to move slightly backwards. When they contract, it moves a little forwards. This has the same effect for your vision and changes in lens curvature. You can now see at varying distances, just as you used to, but something a little different is happening inside your eyes, and you don’t need to be aware of it.

Other IOLs

There are two other IOLs which can be used to treat cataracts and presbyopia: ReSTOR and ReZoom. Please also refer to our cataracts page.

No more cataracts

Since cataracts can’t form in an artificial lens, once you receive Crystalens you will never develop cataracts and you will probably not need bifocal or trifocals. Distance, middle, and near vision are clear enough for most people that corrective lenses are not needed.

A few people with severe refractive error may choose to wear glasses at times, especially for night driving. You may also need refractive surgery after Crystalens, but again, for many people Crystalens provides all of the needed correction.

Crystalens for cataracts is only partially covered by insurance or Medicare. When it is used to correct presbyopia, it is not covered because it is consider an elective surgery. See our financing page.

Dr. Chris Hummel has years of experience with cataracts and  IOLs. If you have questions and would like them answered, please Contact us to set up a consultation.

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