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Frequently Asked Cataracts Questions

  • 1. Do cataracts cause blindness?

They can. Over time, cataracts can become so opaque and extensive that they block too much light– so much that you can’t see at all.

  • 2. How can cataracts be treated?

Cataract patients in Oklahoma CityThe natural lens of the eye that has been affected by a cataract is surgically removed and then replaced with a clear artificial lens. During the surgery, done on an outpatient basis, a tiny incision is made in the eye. Ultrasound is used to disintegrate the clouded lens, and suction to gently remove the tiny pieces. An artificial lens is then inserted through the same incision. Most patients have significantly improved vision after the procedure.

  • 3. Is cataract surgery painful?

No, the surgery itself is not painful. After surgery you may experience mild irritation. Eye drops and over-the-counter pain medication is normally sufficient to relieve any discomfort.

  • 4. Will cataract surgery fully restore my vision?

Yes, and in some cases it will actually be better than before the cataract. Because we replace the lens of your eye, we have the opportunity to not only get rid of the cloudiness, but to improve refractive error. Most people will still need to wear glasses after cataract surgery.

  • Are the results permanent?

Yes, we replace the natural lens of your eye with a clear, artificial lens. Cataracts cannot grow in a lens made of plastic or silicone!

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