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One reason that glaucoma has become a leading cause of blindness is that its symptoms may be subtle or even undetectable. At Hummel Eye Associates, we encourage our Oklahoma City-area patients -- particularly those with family history or other high risk factors for developing glaucoma -- to undergo regular eye testing. Call us today at 405-546-3636 if glaucoma is a concern for you.

We also want you to know what to expect when you come into our offices for your glaucoma test, which looks for one of the following varieties of the disease: closed-angle glaucoma, open-angle glaucoma, congenital glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma.

The aim of glaucoma testing is to monitor fluid build-up inside the eye.

Here's why: Our eyes are nourished by a liquid called aqueous. When the eyes become unable to naturally process this fluid, the result is damaging pressure behind the optic nerve. This is the disease known as glaucoma, which can result in lasting vision loss, even blindness, when left untreated.

Millions of Americans live with glaucoma, but only about half are treated for it, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Patients who do experience glaucoma symptoms report loss of peripheral vision, migraines, tunnel vision, eye pain and obstructed or blurred vision.

The most common way that doctors detect glaucoma is with a "puff" test. The clinical name for this test is non-contact tonometry, or NCT. During a NCT, the doctor or technician will ask you to sit down at a table with a large machine on it. The machine will be adjusted up or down, and left or right, so that your chin rests comfortably on the pad in front of it and your sight line is immediately in front of it.

Then, you will see a green light appear on the screen in front of you. Staring at this light helps prevent your eye from moving during the test. When your test technician has completed the necessary adjustments to the tonometer, you will feel a brisk puff of air on your eye. The test will be repeated on each eye to determine the most accurate pressure reading. An elevated eye pressure reading indicates that you may have glaucoma.

If testing determines that you have glaucoma, doctors will choose from three types of treatment: Medication, laser surgery or filtration surgery, all of which are designed to decrease pressure inside the eye.

If you need an Oklahoma City ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma, please contact Hummel Eye Associates today.


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