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At Hummel Eye Associates, we understand choosing your Oklahoma City LASIK or routine eye care provider is a process that should culminate in a face-to-face conversation. Research is crucial, but the best way to gain important insight into the operations of an office is to arrange an initial consultation.

Your initial consultation at Hummel Eye Associates is thus an important appointment. It’s your chance to ask us the questions that are on your mind, and our opportunity to examine your eyes and determine your current state of ocular health.

If you’re a resident of the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area and you have questions about LASIK or other procedures, please call Hummel Eye Associates today at 405-546-3636.

What Will Happen During Your Consultation

It’s a good idea to come prepared for your consultation. That means:

  • Bringing a record of past eye treatments you’ve undergone
  • Coming prepared with a list of questions for our doctors
  • Knowing what procedures or conditions you wish to talk about

It’s hard to say exactly what you can expect from your consultation; every patient is unique, and we believe in an individualized approach to patient care that takes into account your specific concerns and questions. The nature of your consultation will also be determined by what you have come in to discuss.

If you’re primarily interested in routine eye care, we’ll give you an eye exam to get a sense of your eyes’ health. We’ll determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed and lay out a schedule for your future appointments.

On the other hand, if you’re considering LASIK, our doctors will ask you detailed questions about your eye health, examine your eyes and go over the procedure in detail so that you can understand what to expect.

We’ll also examine your suitability for the procedure and discuss LASIK alternatives if traditional LASIK isn’t appropriate for you. Some of these alternatives include:

  • Custom LASIK
  • PRK
  • Monovision
  • Non-surgical options

This consultation is free to you. At Hummel Eye Associates, we believe in clear, open communication with our patients at all times. At your consultation, you can trust us to fully lay out your options and all of their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll also discuss the costs of your procedure and go through your financing options.

If you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and you’re considering LASIK, please contact Hummel Eye Associates today for a consultation. 

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