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Our Refractive Surgery History ends at the beginning of the laser vision correction era. However, since then there have been many innovations in the technology and technique of laser vision correction.

The technology behind laser vision correction is key. The invention of the ultraviolet "cool" laser that could shape tissue precisely without collateral damage was necessary before the technique could come into common usage, even for a limited segment of the population. Since then, better procedures have allowed the practice of laser vision correction to be expanded to more and more people.

1980s--PRK developed in Germany for use in treating myopia

1989--US Patent # 4,840,175 "Method for Modifying Corneal Curvature" describes the LASIK process

1996--VISX's STAR Excimer Laser is approved for use in PRK

1997-- The STAR Excimer Laser is approved for use in LASIK

2001--The STAR 2 and STAR 3 lasers are approved for LASIK and PRK

2001--The IntraLase system is approved as an alternative method of flap creation for LASIK.

2004-- The STAR 4 Excimer laser system with WaveScan WaveFront System approved for use in LASIK. This system is the basis for Custom LASIK, a dramatically improved version of laser vision correction, allowing the treatment of more people than ever.

2007--The STAR 4 Excimer laser system becomes the first device approved for use in Monovision LASIK treatment for presbyopia.

2007--All-laser LASIK is approved by NASA for use on astronauts and astronaut candidates.

In every case, the innovations in technology have meant that people who were not previously candidates for LASIK became eligible for the procedure. If you are interested in LASIK, but have been told in the past that you were not a good candidate, that may have changed.

To learn more about how laser vision correction has developed and how these developments affect your candidacy for the procedure, please contact laser vision correction ophthalmologists at Hummel Eye Associates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma today for a consultation.

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