LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

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Many patients find themselves debating between wearing contact lenses to improve their vision and opting for the long-term benefits of LASIK surgery. The following are some important insights to consider when making this decision.

Quality of Life/Lifestyle Advantages

When compared to contact lenses, LASIK can definitely give you more freedom. Once you undergo LASIK vision correction, you typically will no longer have to:

  • Experience problems seeing when you wake up in the morning
  • Set aside time each day for contact care
  • Worry about putting in and taking out your contacts every day
  • Deal with potential eye irritation from sand, dust or other debris getting under the contact lens
  • Worry that your contacts can move and fall out unexpectedly
  • Avoid swimming or hot tubs because of contact lens wear
  • Purchase contact lenses and related supplies

Eye Infections

Infections can certainly occur after LASIK surgery. However, research has shown that a LASIK patient actually has a reduced risk of recurring eye infection compared to contact lens wearers. In fact, one study found that people who wear contact lenses have a 10 times greater risk of infection than LASIK patients.


Many patients worry about the risks associated with LASIK. LASIK is a form of surgery and as a result has inherent risks associated with it.

However, a LASIK safety study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology found that LASIK is actually safer than contact lens use. Furthermore, the rate of complications following LASIK is no more than one in 10,000 patients. Another comparable study found that the rate of complications, including infection, dryness and corneal ulcers, in contact lens wearers is as high as one in 2,000 patients.

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