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What woman does not want longer, fuller eye lashes? The mascara industry makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year to achieve this goal, but a new FDA-approved product is giving women the lashes they want without the wand. LATISSE® is the first FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment available in the U.S., and is now available from all our doctors at Hummel Eye Associates.

Hypertrichosis is the term used to define fine, brittle hair, and is used in references to eyelashes that are inadequate or for too few eyelashes. Some individuals are born with hypertrichosis, while others may experience eyelash loss during pregnancy, due to high stress, or following medical treatment like chemotherapy. In clinical trials, women who had lost their lashes were able to grow new, thick eyelashes by using LATISSE® over a period of 16 weeks.

How Latisse® Works

LATISSE® is a product of Allergan, the maker of Juvéderm® and contains the same active ingredient as Lumigan®, an eye drop used to treat excessive intraocular pressure (IOP). However, applied to skin it stimulates hair growth at the follicle level, making hair grow thicker, longer, and darker.

Following FDA-approved procedure, you simply apply LATISSE® to your upper eyelid only once a day for 16 weeks. Results are visible by eight weeks, and full results are visible at 12 to 16 weeks. Because LATISSE® is a prescription treatment it cannot be purchased over-the-counter, and you must request an examination and prescription from your eye doctor in order to use LATISSE®.

Side Effects and Safety of Latisse®

If you have a history of glaucoma or are being treated for glaucoma, you must use LATISSE® under the close supervision of a physician. However, side effects in the clinical trials were minimal, only 4% of patients complaining of redness of the eyes or itchiness in the eyelids.

If you wear contacts, you must remove them before applying LATISSE®, but you may reinsert them 15 minutes after using LATISSE®. If you get LATISSE® in your eye, you do not need to rinse your eye because it is an ophthalmic product designed for use around the eye. If you have eye surgery, such as LASIK, or are planning to have eye surgery, discuss your intentions with Dr. Hummel, as it may be necessary to discontinue using LATISSE® until recommended by your doctor.

For more information, see Questions About Latisse.

To learn more about LATISSE® and to find out whether LATISSE® is right for you, please contact Dr. Chris Hummel at Hummel Eye Associates, serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, and surrounding areas of Oklahoma.

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