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Here at Hummel Eye Associates, we’ve been offering ways to improve the vision of Oklahoma residents for two generations now. Dr. Robert Hummel was the original pioneer of advanced cataract technology, and now Dr. Chris Hummel has continued the mission, keeping up with all the latest and best technologies.

Like ReSTOR®, ReZoom™ is a multifocal intraocular lens (IOL), which features different zones to provide clear distance, intermediate, and near vision, in a wide range of lighting conditions. If you have cataracts or presbyopia, ReZoom can replace your natural lens so that you can see your best.

ReZoom uses Balanced View Optics Technology to create five zones of focus, each a different prescription level.

These five zones give you clear vision in a variety of conditions:

  • Bright light and distance – good for daytime driving
  • Near dominant – near vision in moderate to low light
  • Distance – distance in moderate to low light
  • Near dominant – near vision in a wide range of lighting conditions
  • Low light and distance – good for night driving

The focal zones are arranged in rings from the center to the edge and as your pupil changes size in response to ambient light, different focal areas become available. This is how optimizing for both light and distance work together.

You can learn more about other kinds of IOLs by reading our Crystalens and ReSTOR pages.

Your vision should improve immediately after your surgery, but it can take six to twelve weeks for your brain to get used to using the lens and for you to see the full results.

Some people may choose to wear glasses for night driving, but many will be free from corrective lenses altogether. ReZoom is appropriate even if you have had prior refractive surgery, as long as your eyes are in good overall health.

You may well have questions that this website hasn’t answered, and may be wondering if you’d be a good candidate for a ReZoom IOL. Please Contact us to arrange your initial consultation. You can meet our staff, have a look at our facilities, and have all your questions answered clearly.

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