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"I am writing to tell you what a fantastic medical facility you have. What makes it so unique is the impeccable teamwork that I observed while I was being treated last week. I really appreciate all your care and concern as well as our professionalism. I have not seen such a coordinated medical office in my 50+ years of receiving medical care. You and your staff have gone one step further to put the ‘human touch’ in your work!"

Melinda Ellis

“My husband had his surgery first. Dr Hummel was great! The personal service he gave us was great. Called to check on me. Staff was awesome! ”

Christina Lee

“I visited several offices when I made the decision to have LASIK correction.  A doctor at a popular franchise of a national chain told me I had to choose a specific procedure because if I went with their cheaper alternative, I would be taking a risk that “the doctor’s hand could slip”, causing permanent damage to my eyes.  I’m not sure how they thought that would sell me on their services, but I felt the need to continue searching.  Then I met with Dr. Hummel.  Dr. Hummel and his staff gave me the time I needed to understand what kind of results I could expect and detailed information about potential side effects.  To understand what the true benefits and risks were of my options, I did my own research using information available through various websites, including those operated by the U.S. FDA and the Federal Trade Commission.  It became obvious Dr. Hummel was the only doctor who took the time to ensure he gave me a complete picture about what procedures are available, what the benefits and risks are of each, and what he could offer me as his patient.  This attention to my welfare and care taken to ensure I attain the best possible results is why I would highly recommend Dr. Hummel to anybody considering LASIK correction.  I had the surgery on a Friday afternoon, and was reading letters off the 20/20 line by 9:30 the next morning.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with my results and I cannot say enough about the professional, dedicated care I received from Dr. Hummel and his staff.”

Melissa Markel

“Dr Hummel was the last consultation I went to after shopping 3 or 4 other places. I chose him because he made me feel like more of a patients and less like another number. He showed genuine concern for me, which was unlike any other LASIK provider I visited.”

Laura Beard

“Thank you!. I have been telling everyone – to definitely consider the procedure and absolutely see Dr Hummel.”

Julie Philips

“I tell others not to wait so long. I have not had 1 minute of trouble since I had the LASIK procedure. Dr. Hummel is the greatest. Thanks.”

Dennis Chamberlain

“I think your service is great. I feel like I had a million dollar surgery for such a reasonable fee.”

Matt Gamble

“I’d like to thank Dr Hummel and his great staff for my cataract surgery. It opened a whole new world to me.”

Jeff Schulhoff

“I see great with my monovision correction LASIK. It has been a few years and has really simplified my life. I trust Chris Hummel now with the vision care needs of my whole family. Plus, I get invited back to their annual remote broadcast with Jim Traber and enjoy visiting with all the “alums” and the great Hummel team.”

Ed Murray

“I chose Chris Hummel because his reputation is impeccable. The service could not be better. Everyone is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and patient. Besides, they have good coffee and great pens.”

Dean Blevins
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