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Eye Floaters: Causes and What You Should Know About Treatment


If you have noticed the presence of small specks that aimlessly drift around inside your eyes, you probably have myodesopsia, or more commonly known as eye floaters. Eye floaters can be alarming, especially if they appear suddenly or in conjunction with other symptoms.

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Tips for viewing the Solar Eclipse 2017


Tips on viewing the Solar Eclipse 2017 NASA has released a few guidelines for viewing the solar eclipse. * Check for certification information with a designated ISO 12312-2 international standard * The manufacturer's name and address should be printed on the product * DO NOT USE if older than 3 years, or if there are scratched or wrinkled lenses * DO NOT USE homemade filters * DO NOT USE ordinary sunglasses, even if they are very dark

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Which intra-ocular lens implant is right for me?


So it's time for cataract surgery, and the big question is: which lens implant to choose? There are many options, but the right choice is different for each patient. If you don't mind wearing glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery, you may choose the "Standard" lens implant. This lens implant has been used for many years, and was the only choice before "Specialty" lens implants were introduced. If you hope to reduce your need for glasses or contacts at the time of cataract surgery, then you will need to consider a "Specialty" lens implant. Specialty lens implants focus at far distance, intermediate (computer or dashboard) and near (reading). There are specialty lens implants that correct Astigmatism as well. Discuss your hobbies and interests with your cataract surgeon so he or she may help you determine which lens is right for you.

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